Draft Timeline

2015/6 Neighbourhood Plan 

Completed Activities

Timeline Item
Neighbourhood Planning Regulations published
April 2012

Draft Neighbourhood Plan drafted, consulted on and submitted for examination - Not approved

Neighbourhood Plan Committee reconstituted - publicity and community engagement
June 2014

Collect further data / evidence as required, revisit options, agree revised Neighbourhood Plan vision.
June 2014 - May 2015

Scoping Report for Sustainability Appraisal submitted to Mid Sussex District Council (MSDC) and approved.
Feb 2015

Ongoing Consultation and call for sites
Spring / Autumn 2015


Current Activities

Timeline Item
Neighbourhood Planning Regulations published
Winter 2015

Future Activities

Timeline Item
Appointment of Consultants to advise and work on process and documents
February 2016

Consultants complete review and Pre-Submission documents finalised
March / April 2016

Pre-Submission community workshop on the draft Neighbourhood Plan
April / May 2016
3 weeks notice required in Parish
Pre-Submission consultation on draft Neighbourhood plan (6 weeks)
April / June 2016

Respond to comments. Amend and finalise Neighbourhood Plan documents and submit to MSDC for compliance check.
June 2016

Submission consultation on Final Neighbourhood Plan submission draft (6 weeks)
July / August 2016

Examination - submission of all Neighbourhood Plan documents to an Independent Examiner
Autumn 2016
Depends on Examiner availability
Referendum within local community
Winter 2016 / 2017
Depend son length of Examiner review / Hearing? / Outcome.