Developing the Scoping Report

The Neighbourhood Plan covers the whole Slaugham Parish, comprising the villages of Handcross, Pease Pottage, Slaugham, Warninglid and dispersed settlements scattered within the parish’s more rural areas.

Members of Slaugham Parish Council, together with other parish members, are leading preparation of the plan with consultation throughout with local residents.

To inform the Sustainability Appraisal of the Neighbourhood Plan, public workshop sessions were run in February and March 2012 covering parish challenges/concerns, valued aspects and future aspirations. The workshop outputs were verified with a parish-wide consultation survey in April 2012 which was posted to every household. The majority of the District wide data has already been collected for the Sustainability Appraisal for the Mid Sussex District Plan and had been obtained from the various sources best placed to provide  accurate data in their relevant area of expertise. This information has enabled the environmental, social and economic issues facing both the district and Slaugham Parish to be established.

Mid Sussex District Council has published a set of 18 Sustainability Objectives in its ‘District Plan Sustainability Appraisal (Incorporating Strategic Environmental Assessment) – Scoping Report’ (July 2014) and this document uses and expands upon those that are relevant to the issues identified for Slaugham Parish. In particular, local issues and objectives have been identified, and the indicators used to measure these are from local sources, at a local scale where possible. These will help assess the sustainability issues facing Slaugham Parish, to be addressed, where possible in the Neighbourhood Plan.