Friday, 16 January 2015

Update January 2015

Work continues on our Parish Neighbourhood Plan; there was a meeting of the NHP Committee on 1st December and the first of 2015 took place on 5th January.

The committee is now back to full strength with a total of 14 volunteers from the Parish as follows: 6 representing Handcross, 4 representing Pease Pottage and 2 each from Slaugham and Warninglid.

A meeting took place in December with MSDC regarding the work that has taken place so far on the Scoping Report for the Sustainability Appraisal, and we are pleased that this stage of the Plan has been reported as positive and near to completion.

The dates for the next NHP Committee meetings, which are held at The Pavillion, Handcross at 7:30pm are 2nd February 2015 and 2nd March 2015.  Members of the public are always welcome to attend.

Debra Logan
Neighbourhood Planning Committee
                  Sue Hance
Chair, Slaugham Parish Council