NHP Committee

The full Slaugham Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan Team usually meet on the first Monday of each month. meetings are at 'The Pavilion', Handcross and are open to the public.

Dates and Minutes of previous Meetings are as listed below...

DateAgenda Available
Minutes Available
14th November 2016- -
17th October 2016HERE HERE
12th September 2016HERE HERE
August 2016- -
18th July 2016HERE HERE
1st June 2016HERE HERE
16th May 2016HERE HERE
19th April 2016HERE HERE
14th March 2016HERE HERE
15th February 2016HEREHERE
18th January 2016HEREHERE
14th December 2015HERE HERE
16th November 2015HERE HERE
19th October 2015HERE HERE
21st September 2015HERE HERE
17th August 2015HERE HERE
20th July 2015HERE HERE
1st June 2015HERE HERE
5th May 2015HERE HERE
7th April 2015- HERE
2nd March 2015HERE HERE
2nd February 2015HERE HERE
5th January 2015HERE HERE
1st December 2014- HERE
6th November 2014- HERE
29th September 2014HERE -
1st September 2014- HERE
4th August 2014- HERE
7th July 2014- HERE
3rd June 2014- -
3rd April 2014- -
7th August 2013- HERE
6th June 2013- HERE
2nd May 2013- HERE
27th March 2013- HERE
26th February 2013- HERE
21st January 2013- HERE
11th December 2012- HERE
8th October 2012- HERE
31st July 2012- HERE
19th June 2012- HERE
16th May 2012- HERE
19th April 2012- HERE
29th March 2012- HERE
21st March 2012- HERE

NHP Communications Sub-Committee

The Communications Sub-Committee meet on the third Thursday of the month of each month, in private residences within the parish and as such are not open to the public, however, this Sub-Committee reports back to the main Committee each month.

Dates & Minutes of previous Meetings are as listed below...

DateMinutes Available
24th February 2015HERE
22nd January 2015To be Added